Fun, Standards-based
Nature Education

Teaching KATE gives students a unique opportunity to explore nature through hands-on learning.

Key Topics

Forest Ecology

Scientific study of interrelated patterns and processes in the forest, explore plant and animal interactions within the forest, answer questions about forest management using scientific investigations and models, tree identification and forest floor exploration, forest mapping.

Water Ecology

Become a chemist and test the pH and dissolved oxygen levels of Lake Marion, analyze chemical and biological pollution levels, discover the macro organisms that are bio indicators, collect and analyze macro-invertebrates from the lake.


Analyze population dynamics, build your own food web, learn how energy flows through food chains and webs, discover the structures, processes, behaviors and adaptations allow critters to survive.


Determine what abiotic and biotic factors affect the pH of soil, pH testing, discover the importance of wetlands, observe soil layers and analyze different soil types

“The students really have enjoyed Camp Bob Cooper. I feel the teachers have as well. This was the first time for many students to experience camping. You made it enjoyable, fun, and educational.”

Summerton, SC

Camp Bob Cooper

Located on the picturesque shores of Lake Marion, Camp Bob Cooper has proven to be one of South Carolina's favorite retreat locations for almost 70 years.

Every summer, we host two summer camps and thousands of visitors from rental groups. As a result, our facility offers a great mix of hands-on educational opportunities and fun activities.

We have additional activities available






High Ropes

*Adventure activities may have . Please ask about additional details and pricing.

Three wonderful days

Program Details

Our typical program runs from Monday-Wednesday or Wednesday-Friday. We also offer one- and two-day programs depending on your priorities.

We have a full-service kitchen, gym, swimming area, and sleeping capacity for 200 students.

“Food was great! Campfire was really fun!
I love Camp Bob Cooper. I don’t want to leave.”

Not all activities are available to all participants, as some activities have age and/or size restrictions.

The following are minimum age requirements:
  • Climbing Wall – Ages 6 and up
  • Pole Course - Ages 8 and up
  • Tree Course - Ages 12 and up
*Any activity not listed has no minimum age requirement. These activities are subject to change, depending on weather, staff availability or acts of third parties beyond our control.

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